The Corner Apartments

The Corner apartments have been carefully crafted to meet the need of today’s modern lifestyle, delivering stylish, spacious, light and airy apartments that perfectly match your way of life.

Interiors are carefully designed to be both practical and flexible. Free-flowing living areas open into beautiful gardens and balconies, while spacious, attractive kitchens are designed to be the heart of the home and a focal point of modern family life.

With a wide range of different layout options available, in each you’ll find features like impressive entrances and spacious hallways, bigger bathrooms and oversized windows that fill your new apartment with an abundance of natural lights.

Throughout THE CORNER apartments, our signature quality and attention to details is evident everywhere you look.


Lahore's most culturally significant new tower.

Building Structure

A Basement for Car parking, Ground Floor having a shop, Two Apartments, Multi-purpose Hall with a spacious corridors and lifts. The above five Floors are typical floors with Six apartments on each Floor, sixth floor having two penthouses consisting of two & three bedrooms with spacious corridors and lifts and servant quarters on each floor. Roof Top is designed to facilitate residents for there comfort and luxury living from there daily busy life.

Apartment Types

Three, two and one bedroom apartments with huge balconies. All apartments are planned as per the orientation to maximize both light and privacy and give you attractive views. Interior spaces are carefully designed and planned to allow unhindered freedom of movement from one room to another and from the inside to the outside.

Roof Top

Roof Top consists of swimming pool, sauna, walking track, gym, yoga corner, Barbecue area, kids playarea and very comfortable sitting areas with plantations.


Set at the heart of the city's most significant neighbourhood.

We choose only the finest locations for our homes and apartments considering the accessibility, appearance, and amenities of a neighborhood as well as plans for development.

Located centrally in the heart of Lahore, the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab, country's 2nd largest city and is one of the Pakistan's most progressive, and cosmopolitan cities. This highly prime location is situated at the heart of the city's most significant neighborhood model town link road.

Floor Plans

Innovation for us is the ability to anticipate our clients’ changing needs and respond to environmental challenges.


Electric Vehicles – Fast Charging Stations

Play Area

Roof Top
Swimming Pool



Yoga Corner

Roof Top BBQ Areas

Roof Top Walking Track

Separate Servant Quarters (Optional)


Access Control

24/7 CCTV

Full Backup

Fire Alarms & Firefighting Systems

Roof Top Garden

Reception with Waiting Area

Amenities at The Corner

Our homes and apartments are set apart from the competition with extra touches and features that many other developers simply don’t consider important. At Izhar Housing we understand that it is these additional touches that give character and add real value to your new home.


Perched on the top floor of The Corner, roof top is a place where you and your family can gather, connect and re-energize.

The Roof Top Garden features :

  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Walking Track
  • Barbecue Area
  • Gym
  • Yoga Corner
  • Kids Play area
  • Very Comfortable sitting area
  • Garden with beautiful plantation

Having a resident lounge in your apartment building is very beneficial. Our resident lounge can be utilized for a variety of reasons! Not sure how you can take advantage of the space? Here’s how!

Catch Up on Work

Do you work from home or need to get some work done off hours? Head down to our resident lounge to get a change of scenery and get work done with other like-minded residents.

Meet Your Neighbors

When you first move to a new place, meeting new people can be difficult, especially at a large apartment complex. Whether it’s for work or play, you have the ability to meet your neighbors in a neutral area!

Host a Get-Together

Do you want a host a house warming, book club, birthday party, or an impromptu celebration? Our resident lounge is the perfect space! and there’s enough seating for all of your friends and family members.

A parking space is an important factor to consider when buying an apartment in an apartment complex.

Two - Post Mechanical Parking Systems

Parking away from your home can be inconvenient and costly, but it may be inevitable if your building does not have a parking lot. To overcome this situation, we are introducing a multi-story spacious mechanical parking system. A parking area that stretches over two posts and is only reserved for our residents. It is also easy to access your vehicle and the lot can handle almost all vehicle types.

Smart Access Systems

The Corner Apartments has planned to install a smart, dynamic and secure parking management system for all the residents to ensure their safety and convenience, in order to reduce the possibility of any untoward incident. The Corner Apartments parking system uses a smart card, ticket or E-tag to identify the vehicles exiting or entering the parking lot. These security cards prevent any theft or unauthorized access to the parking area facility.

Security Cameras

The car parking area is quite spacious. Moreover, CCTV cameras are installed to cover every inch of the parking area to ensure our residents’ vehicle safety. Our 24/7 support team is always available to quickly resolve any issues that do arise, reducing our residents’ parking headaches and keeping their safety and comfort a top priority at all times.

EV-Fast Charging Stations

While the market for petrol and diesel cars has been dampened by the economic fallout from COVID-19, demand for EVs continues to increase. Factors like climate change and commitments to reach net-zero are helping drive the global shift to emissions-free motoring. Keeping in mind all these factors, EV-Fast Charging will be available in our Parking Floor.

Why servant quarters are important?

Having a servant quarter is a necessary part of most homes. The majority of us have help working in our homes and need to accommodate them. A servant quarter should not be an afterthought in your home construction plans and should be planned as extensively as any other part of the house.

Ease your daily life

A proper servant quarter is one of the most common demands of people looking to buy a apartment or home. When building a servant quarter, we haven't not take it as a less important part of your apartment.

Ensure privacy

An optimal servant quarter considers the privacy of the homeowners, the help, and the neighbors.  In addition, a separate servant entrance is a common feature demanded by buyers to help keep the privacy of the occupants of the home as well as the servants.


Elevator Access Control Safety

Building should be free from loitering and roaming traffic to secure it properly. An elevator access control system will prohibit visitors from accessing different areas of the building without authorization. Elevators will only allow access to floors and lobbies that are granted to each individual who enters your building. Anyone who wanders into your building aimlessly will be denied access.

It allows your managers to steer traffic in your building and allows access to specific areas by authorization only. Elevator access control systems are integrated with video surveillance system to work together in unison for optimal security.

Card Access Systems

Card access systems are used to manage the entry and exits of visitors to the building. Each individual has their own card with authorized areas that can be accessed imprinted in the card data.

Card access systems are easy to use with one smooth swipe of the card into the scanner located on a door or elevator access control system.  Visitors will be given a card that allows them entry to their designated area only, restricting them from roaming or snooping around our building. Access control is a safe way to deter undesirables from entering your building.

Building Security System Benefits

Our building security system will be integrated with our building management system and include surveillance systems that can blanket every area of our building and outdoor property. With the use of multiple devices, all activity taking place on our property can be monitored, recorded and stored for future reference.

Payment Plan

Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.

Discount on 100% Downpayment: 10%

Discount on 60% Downpayment: 5%

Occupancy: December 2024

Payment (D.D / P.O / Cheque) in favor of "Dream Builders".

1 car parking for 1 & 2 bed apartments and 2 cars parking for every 3 bed apartment.

The areas mentioned in the payment plan are all Semi Gross Areas (Common Areas are proportionately included except parking areas and roof top).



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