An ambitious and bold CSR policy

The climate, the digital transformation and the aspirations of the next generation are just some of the challenges we face as players in the real estate sector. They force us to rethink our production and operating models, not to mention our consumption. Our corporate social responsibility program is built upon four core pillars:

Ethics, Performance, Well living spaces, Environment

Putting corporate responsibility at the core of how we strive to operate has a positive impact on our business performance. We believe that encouraging innovation and thought leadership, as well as seeking to meet high environmental, social and governance standards and practices, positively impacts our bottom line and the communities in which we operate. Our unwavering commitment to corporate responsibility plays a critical role in our overall strategy

Well Living Spaces

We spend 90% of our time inside buildings, working, sleeping, eating or relaxing. That is why we place the user at the heart of what we do. And when we hear our customers say that they're happy in our properties every day, we see it as a concrete proof of the excellence that we strive for.

The reasons for our commitment

Society is changing, mindsets and ways are changing, in cities more than anywhere. We are always listening to our clients. This is how we are able to keep a step ahead of their expectations and provide them with the services they need to live and work. We take their well living into account right from the design stage all the way to their occupancy, to ensure optimal thermal, visual, auditory and olfactory comfort. And because our office buildings are designed for collaborative work and professional development, our clients have all the features that will attract and retain talent.

Our Focus

  • Make our brand the IHPL i-e IZHAR Housing Pvt Ltd, the standard-setter in high added-value services for occupants, offering them an experience that is above all human, and always seamless.
  • We are focusing to bring an upscale range of services to our office buildings:

Upscale Range of Services

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our office and residential buildings will offer Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Public Transport System

Locate buildings less 5 minutes’ walk from at least one public transport system (bus, metro, train) with a high frequency.

Smart Parking Systems

Smart Parking Systems to utilize maximum parking in smallest areas.


At IHPL, our leadership team is committed to doing business the right way in order to manage risk, both legal and reputational, and ensure that we are viewed as a partner of choice for our customers and the communities where we operate. Our commitment to operating in an ethical manner is visible throughout our day-to-day work and is clearly manifested in our training regimen and communications from our senior leadership.

Our Code of Conduct establishes behavioral expectations and disciplinary protocols that apply to members of senior management,

the Board and all other employees throughout the organization. Each year, our Code of Conduct must be certified by all our employees and Board members. In addition, the Code of Conduct, supported by our Vendor Code of Conduct, applies to our customers, vendors and suppliers when we are partnering on projects.

Vendor relations teams in each of our markets have processes and policies in place to ensure vendors understand our ethical standards and expectations.


Resilience and consistency have been the hallmarks of second and most important pillar of our corporate responsibility program: performance.

IZHAR, a reputation built on solid foundations. Over the decades, IZHAR is known for Its Commitments, Integrity, Credibility, Perseverance, Consistent Performance, Value Engineering, Before Time Delivery, Norms and Excellence thereby playing our part in the National Growth.

We work as a team to build lasting customer relationships by understanding their requirements and exceeding their expectations. By the grace of Almighty, we have delivered all of our projects before time and without compromising on architectural beauty, quality of works and safety prospects as there are no shortcuts to quality.

Quality Policy

  • To provide total customer satisfaction at each stage of the project.
  • To construct and deliver projects in a stipulated time to emerge as the market leader.
  • To provide high quality construction at economical cost to customers, thereby gaining their confidence and ensuring profitability.
  • To ensure maximum utilization of available resources in terms of manpower and material.
  • To create a culture of continual improvement in the organization through motivation, involvement and training of employees.


Managing our environmental impact is an essential element of our value proposition to our customers and our commitment to sustainability.

PRIMINISTER’S Billion Trees Initiative

With Pakistan being one of the countries that environmental challenges most affect in the world, Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to be more proactive in combating the problem at the September 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. Nearly one year later, it is fair to say that he is on track to fulfill this promise. His 2018 10 Billion Trees Tsunami Initiative aims to plant 10 billion new trees by 2023.

We at IZHAR are proud to be taking steps to make a positive impact

on our environment and leaving a tangible legacy that will benefit our communities into the next century.

From the platform of Izhar-Monnoo developers at Dream Garden’s LAHORE we developed first Miyawaki forest in Pakistan. After a successful pilot project at liberty market, Lahore, the government of Punjab is growing Miyawaki forest in 51 locations spread across Lahore city. Thanks to government of Punjab, PHA Lahore and Prime Minister Imran khan for supporting our idea and making this project happen.

Circular Economy