All our resources and expertise are dedicated to finding innovative construction solutions that will benefit the Society for generations to come. We strive to create a team of Enthusiastic and like-minded individuals, who, believe in making the impossible Possible and providing world class Spaces and Amenities at affordable prices.

Innovation, at the heart of urban life

In 2050, 75% of the world’s population will live in cities. Given this explosion in urban populations, any discussion of the city of tomorrow must focus on quality of life and the environment. Innovating means making land and the buildings on that land smarter, so users can better share spaces, services and experiences. Innovating means being committed to the wellbeing of our occupants and clients as they strive to achieve energy efficiency and to save energy. We are constantly renewing the construction and operating models of our buildings, and continually reassessing how they are being used. Innovation has to be holistic, taking into account factors such as geographic situation, environment, architecture, telecommunications and mobility with affordability.

Prime Minister's Vision

To deliver five million housing units with allied amenities to all citizens, especially focusing on the financially underserved and middle-income communities, as a measure of comprehensive socio-economic uplift. Thereby, reviving industrial growth and creating employment opportunities in the country.

Affordable Houses for Low Income Communities

IZHAR HOUSING is actively involved in fulfilling Prime Ministers’ vision of making affordable houses. For this we have developed 3 story’s -900 square feet house targeted prices for around 3.5 Million Rupees.

Fast Growing Forest

From the platform of IZHAR-MONNOO DEVELOPERS at Dream Garden’s LAHORE we have developed a first Miyawaki forest in Pakistan. After a successful pilot project at liberty market, Lahore, the government of Punjab is growing Miyawaki forest in 51 locations spread across Lahore city. Thanks to government of Punjab, PHA Lahore and Prime Minister Imran khan for supporting our idea and making this project happen.