In all spheres of activity that we undertake, we strive to uphold uncompromising business ethics by building homes, offices and communities that are successful and sustainable in every sense.

Our governance philosophy and strategy give primacy to the following factors:

  • The long term satisfaction of our valued customers, who have invested their substantial savings in the dream spaces that we build.
  • Growth opportunities for our highly skilled and committed employees and workforce.
  • Well-being of the communities around us.
  • Respect for the environment that nurtures us.

Therefore, our business conduct, CSR Policies, Quality and EHS Policies, Environmental Engineering Initiatives and every activity that we engage in, give primacy to sustainability.

For a Greener, More Fluid and More Inclusive City

As a most preferred and reliable real estate brand in PAKISTAN, we act for the development of our people, the preservation of the planet and our heritage. Our responsibility is to act as closely as possible to the expectations of territories and users. Mankind, our customers and our employees are at the heart of our CSR policy for a greener, more fluid and more inclusive city. More efficient, as well. Innovation, Circular economy and our collaborative approach are the way to get there. This commitment extends to our internal policy.

We promote professional equality and fight discrimination. This is how we intend to build the Pakistan of Tomorrow.

Our CSR Approach

Our CSR policy is based on 4 pillars.

A priority: Professional equality

We actively promote diversity and equal opportunity. Both social and societal, our human resources policy is shared and led by all of our employees. A team spirit which allows everyone to mobilize all the while developing their skills.

Innovation at the heart of our commitments

For us, innovation, is knowing how to anticipate our customers'' and users' changing expectations, all the while addressing environmental issues.

Our ambition: to constantly update our value propositions, for occupant wellbeing, to enhance spaces and personalize services.

Circular Economy

Saving our planet means reducing waste. We are committed both to limiting our consumption of building materials and to smart reuse.

Waste Management

Water Management

Energy Conservation

Green Cover / Landcape

Our Quality and EHS Committments