Circular Economy

Saving our planet means reducing waste. As a major player in the real estate sector, we are doing our part in this shared effort and taking a circular economy approach in our projects. We are committed both to limiting our consumption of building materials and to smart reuse.

Reasons for our commitment

Two-thirds of the waste managed in Pakistan originates on construction sites. To offset this, all real estate companies will soon be required to recover 70% of their waste. We didn't wait for this regulation to get started. And we’re taking it a step further by cutting raw material consumption at the source and opting for eco-designed products. Lastly, we extend the lifespan of our buildings while remaining mindful of changing user trends. Our commitment to the circular economy is more than just

Our objectives

  • Using marketplaces to find operators ready to reuse construction site waste
  • Integrating the circular economy beginning with the building design stage to extend their lifespan

The 4 Pillars of Our Circular Economy

Saving our planet means reducing waste. We are committed both to limiting our consumption of building materials and to smart reuse.

Waste Management

Waste is an unavoidable outcome of any process but effective management practices help in minimizing waste generation and controlling the pollution caused by its disposal. Waste management practices are based on the Reduce, Recycle and Reuse principle. Some of the waste management practices are:

  • Segregation of waste at the source into organic and inorganic portions from buildings post-handover.
  • Inorganic materials, recyclables (Wooden pallets, plywood, runners, cardboard boxes, cement bags, jute bags, aluminum cut pieces, steel cut pieces, PVC pipes, electrical and plumbing etc.), surplus building materials are recovered & given to authorized recyclers for recycling and reusing.
  • Organic waste converter is installed to convert organic waste into manure which is used for landscaping. It reduces the manure procurement cost and also avoids burden and costs associated with disposal of such waste.
  • Hazardous waste is disposed through authorized recyclers.

Water Management

Water is a precious resource and to ensure its judicious use and conservation, the following best practices will be followed in our projects.

Sewage Treatment Plant - STP is installed in our projects to treat the wastewater generated from the buildings. Treated water of STP is used for flushing, gardening and other secondary urban uses. This reduces the demand for fresh water. The various technologies used in STP are Conventional Activated Sludge Process, Membrane Bio-Reactor, and Sequential Batch Reactor etc.

Rain Water Harvesting – In upcoming projects, we are focusing on Rain water-harvesting system to conserve water and to reuse rain water. During monsoons, rain water will be collected and stored in tanks and reused for domestic purposes. During monsoons, this saves 50% to 60% of the water consumed. Ground water is recharged by diverting the run-off water from paved areas of the building to rain water percolation pits through external drains thereby recharging the water table.

Dual Plumbing System – In upcoming projects, we are focusing on STP treated water which is reused for flushing after tertiary treatment by dual piping system in some of our projects. Water efficient plumbing fixtures which consume less water are also used for water conservation. e.g.: Dual Flush, Low flow fixtures etc.

Energy Conservation

We are focused on Energy conservation practices and provide energy efficient solutions to our customers thereby reducing carbon emission.

Some of the best practices followed in IHPL are:

  • Continuous focus on highly energy-efficient lighting system design and usage of CFL/FTL/metal halide fittings.
  • Solar lighting is used in all common areas and solar heating is deployed, thereby reducing the use of conventional energy.
  • Internal and external electrification is designed keeping in mind the need to reduce energy loss and running costs.
  • Highly efficient transformers, DG sets and other equipment are installed with an effective, preventive and predictive maintenance system to protect all energy-intensive equipment.

Green Cover / Landscape

Exquisite landscape is provided in all our projects. This increases the carbon sequestration and provides cool atmosphere with good aesthetics and live able environment.