What drives us: Enthusiasm

We are convinced that our collective intelligence is driving our transformation. All of our employees at IHPL are treated equally. Our employees are our shareholders, and talent is flourishing.

4 good reasons to join our team

A Place to Thrive

Our culture is based on integrity, accountability, hard work and collaboration. We’re looking for people who want to grow and evolve with us.

Build Your Career

We take career development seriously, strive to provide you with a wide range of opportunities, and encourage expansion of capabilities and exploration of a variety of career paths.

Spread the News About Our Commitments

We are fully committed to people, the planet, and our properties. Social and environmental challenges are central to our strategy.

Experience Workplace Equality

We promote equality for all of our employees and are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination.

Our latest job openings

Finishing Supervisor

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      Career Development

      We’re an innovative, agile and growing organization. These factors allow you the opportunity for professional and career growth, a high level of ownership over your work, and the satisfaction of being able to make a difference.

      The environment is collaborative and you will immediately feel part of a team. You can rely on your coworkers, as they will rely on you.

      We believe successful career development is gained through a variety of experiences, including on-the-job, hands-on experience and exposure to colleagues who can teach and mentor:

      • Experience: learning through solving the problems, accomplishing the special assignments and fulfilling the day-to-day responsibilities of your job
      • Exposure: informal learning, coaching and advice from colleagues who can share their learnings, wisdom and experience
      • Education: classroom, workshop and interactive online training, external training, manager-specific learning and development

      You’ll want to stay

      At IZHAR HOUSING, we value our employees and understand the impact they have on achieving our goals. We are proud of not just our employee retention numbers but also how we engage team members throughout their careers. We ask employees in a variety of ways to give us their feedback on what we are doing well and where we can improve.

      Welcome young talent

      We always seek fresh graduates / students who are eager to learn, self-motivated and are comfortable working independently. Our internship program will make an impact and is designed to enhance your communication and teamwork skills, as you will be collaborating with individuals across all functions in our organization. You will work alongside professionals in your field, gaining in-depth knowledge about the construction industry and your chosen field of expertise.