Our priority: workplace equality

A team spirit that allows employees to work together while developing their own talents.

Through our Core Principles, our employees support our mission of creating a better way to live around PAKISTAN, driving efficiency throughout the industry and growing our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. The integration of these principles into our daily work begins with our senior leaders. They lead by example and are responsible for setting the tone for how we want our business units and employees to carry themselves, day in and day out.

It is our responsibility to provide the structure and framework for our employees to succeed in their work. We use a robust system of feedback to regularly assess where we can improve our management, coupled with a strong portfolio of programs to further develop our teams’ capabilities, ensure protection of human rights and enhance our diversity, in order to operate more effectively and better serve our customers.This commitment extends to our internal policy.

Our Commitment

We actively promote diversity, professional equality, fight discrimination and equal opportunities. This is how we intend to build the Pakistan of Tomorrow.

Izhar Group

IZHAR GROUP was established in 1959 by Engineer lzhar Ahmad Qureshi who was highly regarded amongst the veteran engineer’s community of Pakistan. Since its inception, the Group has now moved in 7th decade of successful innovative Construction Operations.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

A major component of our diversity program is ensuring that mutual respect, inclusion and collaboration remain at the forefront of our culture. Workforce diversity gives IHPL a strategic advantage, as it brings fresh ideas into the business and helps us stay better connected to our customers and communities. Our employees across the PAKISTAN bring unique perspectives and come to us with different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We know these differences help drive innovation and long-term success.

Respect for and Protection of Human Rights

Respect for human rights is an essential value of IHPL and vital to the operation of our business. We have built a reputation on ethics and integrity and are committed to a set of values that represent the highest standards of excellence. We seek to avoid infringing on the rights of others and endeavor to address adverse human rights impacts within the communities in which we conduct our business. We expect our employees, vendors and other stakeholders to share this commitment to ensure we all respect and promote human rights in all our business activities.

Employee Training and Development

Our people are the most valuable asset in which we invest. Our investments in training and professional development are essential components of our approach to people management. By offering our employees’ opportunities to further develop their skills and capabilities, we can continue to provide our customers with state-of the-art, high-quality services and outstanding customer service, and we can be best positioned to achieve our strategic goals.